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New discovery – a hidden Pocket

During work to take the items off display in the old costume gallery, we have made some exciting new discoveries about some of the items. One of these was a doll which the accession register tells us was dressed by Marie Antoinette for her daughter Marie-Therese during her imprisonment.

Marie-Therese(19thDecember 1778- 19thOctober 1851)Madame Royalewas the eldest child of Louis XV1 and Marie Antoinette. She was the only one of their children to survive into adulthood. She was married to Louis Antoine, Duke of Angouleme, who was the eldest son of future Charles X, her father’s younger brother; thus, bride and groom were first cousins.

After her marriage she was known as Duchesse of Angouleme. She became the Dauphine of France upon the accession of her father in law to the throne of France in 1824. Technically she was Queen of France for just twenty…

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