This page contains the links to my posts about the historical costumes I have made.

I have grouped them according to era, with the approximate dates that this type of clothing was worn. You can jump to 18th Century or 19th Century.

18th Century

  • Works in progress… updates soon!

1740s English Gown

  • Mid-18th Century Shift
  • 18th Century Blue Linen Stays
  • Basic Under-Petticoat

1780s Italian Gown

  • 1780s Split Rump
  • 1780s Teal Silk Petticoat
  • 1780s Italian Gown

1780s Tartan Gown inspired by the Isabella Mactavish Fraser wedding dress


  • Extant C18th leather pocketbook
  • Silk and chintz housewife

19th Century

  • Works in progress… updates soon!

1890s Ballgown and Daywear

  • Victorian Chemise and Split Drawers
  • 1880s-1890s Black and Yellow Corset
  • 1890s-1900s Bustle Pad
  • Examining Extant 1890s-1900s Chemise and Lace Petticoats
  • 1890s Striped Cotton Under-Skirt
  • 1890s Striped Cotton Shirt Waist
  • 1890s Black Velvet Cape
  • 1890s Shoe Roses
  • 1890s Project Research and Sources


  • Projects to use up Off-Cuts and Carbage
  • Hacks and Tips to Keep Costumes in Good Condition