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1890s Project Research and Sources

Here is the list of sources and research I have used and referenced for my 1890s ball gown, undergarments and day wear project. I will update this as I go along. Where I can, I have added the links so you can find the original source online. Extant Examples 'The Scott' Ventilated Hip Pad &… Continue reading 1890s Project Research and Sources

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1890s-1900s Bustle Pad

Inspiration and Research To create the fashionable skirt shape for 1890s, I took inspiration from this example of 'The Scott' Ventilated Hip Pad & Bustle by Charles H. Scott, c. 1905 at The Underpinnings Museum. It is very similar to a design for a ventilated bustle and hip-form by Charles H. Scott patented in 1903. The… Continue reading 1890s-1900s Bustle Pad

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New Year, New Project 2020

The Project 1890s Ball Late-Victorian chemiseLate Victorian open drawers1880s-1890s corset1890s-1900s bustle pad1890s UnderskirtBall gown skirtBall gown bodiceDecorate shoes1890s walking skirt1890s shirtwaist 1780s Italian Gown Regency Regency corded stays WIPS C18th linen petticoats All whilst trying to use appropriate materials and techniques! Sources and Related Links