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The Isabella Dress

Atelier Nostalgia

End of June I visited Edinburgh, to attend the event at the National Museum of Scotland where a team of dressmakers recreated the Isabella MacTavish Fraser dress.

This is one of those rare surviving garments which people might recognize by name alone. But for everyone else, it’s this garment:

Image result for isabella mactavish fraser dress Isabella MacTavish’s Wedding Dress, c. 1785. Photo courtesy of the Inverness Museum & Art Gallery

This dress is special for several reasons. The first thing which speaks to people it that it was a wedding dress, is still owned by the same family, and was worn by several generations of brides after Isabella.

The second thing, is that it is the only known surviving example of 18th century women’s dress made of tartan. Add to that the lure of Scotland, the vibrancy of the colors, (and the current popularity of Outlander also doesn’t hurt), and you get a garment which has…

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1890s Project Research and Sources

Here is the list of sources and research I have used and referenced for my 1890s ball gown, undergarments and day wear project. I will update this as I go along. Where I can, I have added the links so you can find the original source online. Extant Examples 'The Scott' Ventilated Hip Pad &… Continue reading 1890s Project Research and Sources