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1890s Project Research and Sources

Here is the list of sources and research I have used and referenced for my 1890s ball gown, undergarments and day wear project. I will update this as I go along. Where I can, I have added the links so you can find the original source online. Extant Examples 'The Scott' Ventilated Hip Pad &… Continue reading 1890s Project Research and Sources

1890s Ballgown · Nineteenth Century · Stashbusters · Undergarments

1890s-1900s Bustle Pad

Inspiration and Research To create the fashionable skirt shape for 1890s, I took inspiration from this example of 'The Scott' Ventilated Hip Pad & Bustle by Charles H. Scott, c. 1905 at The Underpinnings Museum. It is very similar to a design for a ventilated bustle and hip-form by Charles H. Scott patented in 1903. The… Continue reading 1890s-1900s Bustle Pad